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Spend Like a Local, Get
Rewarded Bonus Miles

The pre-paid multi-currency Visa card you load with UAE Dirhams and then use as any other card. Book a hotel, shop for food and pay for anything else – while receiving bonus Etihad Guest miles for every purchase.

Simply download it, load it, and go!

Low fees, sky-high earn rates
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    ATM Fees Abroad or Domestic

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    Foreign Currencies Supported

Get the Most out of Your Travel Money

Earn While Abroad or At Home. Earn 5 Etihad Guest Miles for every 10 AED spent abroad and 2.5 Etihad Guest Miles for every 10 AED spent in the UAE. Use your miles to upgrade your next flight to Business or First Class, or even score a free flight!

No Paper Money Needed. You can look for a bank to withdraw funds, exchange at terrible rates and then hold large sums of cash on you. Or simply convert the exact amount of foreign currency you need, and only carry your Walletplus™ card with you.

Better Than the Bank. We work with specialist foreign exchange providers to give you competitive exchange rates. They are constantly updated so you get the best rates at the time of your transfer. Get a quote or view up-to-date exchange rates anytime in your Walletplus™ account.

Etihad Wallet Plus

Congrats! You've just earned +20 Etihad Guest Miles on your last purchase

Etihad Wallet Plus

Congrats! You've just earned +100 Etihad Guest Miles on your last purchase

Etihad Wallet Plus

Congrats! You've just earned +60 Etihad Guest Miles on your last purchase

Exchange On The Go

Use your phone, tablet or smartwatch to transfer money in real time from one currency wallet to another – at locked-in exchange rates.

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Spend With Confidence

Free yourself of worries and enjoy the finer things in your destination – knowing you can only spend what you load. The Walletplus™ card also has different protection measures to give you extra peace of mind.

  • Block Lost Card

    Card missing? Simply put it on hold and your funds will remain safe on your account. Unlike other cards, you can still spend through the app while we send you a new one.

  • Chip and Pin Protection

    The security measures that come with every credit card also go into your Walletplus™ card to protect you from any unauthorized purchases.

  • Receive Transaction Alerts

    Stay on top of spending and plan ahead with real-time Transaction Alerts. Set up emails or app alert messages to inform you of any activity in your Walletplus™ account.

  • Safer Than a Credit Card

    The Walletplus™ card isn’t linked to your bank account and doesn’t have a line of credit. Your personal data won’t be at risk and you cannot overdraw on your account.

Create your free Etihad Guest Walletplus™ account, download the Walletplus™ app and wait for your card to arrive. (In a rush? Launch a virtual card to shop online while you wait.)

Load your Walletplus™ Visa card with the exact amount you’ll need – either online through your UAE dirham bank account, or via our participating retail locations. Then exchange into your desired currency wallet.

Travel and spend abroad, shop online or pay domestically and claim Etihad Guest miles for almost any purchase you make.

Ten Choices. All at Favourable Local Rates

Load UAE Dirhams into your Walletplus™, and convert into 10 popular foreign currencies at locked-in competitive rates.

  • AED
    United Arab Emirates
  • CAD
  • EUR
  • USD
    United States
  • GBP
    United Kingdom
  • JPY
  • THB
  • SGD
  • INR
  • HKD
    Hong Kong

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Get the Walletplus™ app now to exchange at local, competitive rates and start earning free miles for purchases you already make.