Summary Of Important Fees

These are the fees we find our customers are most interested in. Please continue to scroll for a complete listing of associated fees on your account.

0 AED Monthly Service fee
0 AED Annual Subscription
0 AED Order a physical card
0 AED Add Money via Bank Transfer

Complete Fee Schedule

We encourage you to review the full Terms & Conditions of your account for any questions related to fees and other account service related items.

Create & maintain your account

There are no fees to create or maintain your account, and you can order a physical and virtual card for free.

Annual fee

Monthly fee

Card Delivery fee

Virtual card fee

Inactivity fee
0.5% of Total Account Balance with 3 AED minimum

Top-up your account (Load)

You can top-up your account via bank transfer or by visiting an Alfardan branch. If you load money at an Alfardand branch the funds will be available instantly. A bank transfer can take from a few minutes to 1 business day, depending on your bank.

Load money via bank transfer

Load Money via Alfardan Branch

Use your card

Accessing your money is free. We won't charge you for using your card, ATM withdrawals or redeeming funds from your Travel Wallet account to your bank account. Please note that some ATM operators or merchants might charge their own fee, especially when you're overseas.

Point of Sale (POS) Transactions
0 AED.

Once you have transferred money into a foreign currency wallet, there are no fees when using your card internationally.
Please note that some ATM operators or merchants might charge their own fee, especially when you're overseas.

Domestic ATM Withdrawals

Balance inquiry


One of the main benefits of Walletplus is that it allows you to exchange and maintain a balance in foreign currencies. The exchange rate will be different when you proactively move funds between 2 wallets, when the system moves funds for you or when you use your card in a currency that is not supported.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the exchange rate that applies to any transaction in which Walletplus performs a conversion of currencies, including loads, transfers between Currency Wallets, purchases and ATM withdrawals. This exchange rate, which includes a margin, is updated continuously throughout the day and applies to both Supported and Unsupported Currencies. The Conversion Rate is determined at the time that the transaction posts. If you are a current holder of the Product, you can check the rates for Supported Currencies on the Account Centre.

Currency Conversion Fee

Other Fees

Funds redemption

You can transfer funds from your Walletplus account to your bank anytime.

Request additional card

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