Security built in

Walletplus™ has all the assurances that come from being a Visa card and is backed by the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) – and extra security features on top.


Safer than a credit card

As Walletplus™ isn't linked to your bank account and doesn’t have a line of credit, you can relax knowing your personal data won’t be at risk and you can only spend what's on your card.

Lost card protection

If your card is missing, simply put it on hold in the app. While you wait for a new one, you can spend using the virtual card in your app, so you’re never stuck without money.

Instant transaction alerts

Stay on top of spending and spot anything that doesn’t look right, with real-time transaction alerts by email or in the app.

Chip and PIN protection

The security measures that come with every credit card also go into your Walletplus™ debit card to protect you from any unauthorized purchases.

Help them spread
their wings

Whether you’re sending an allowance to your children (18+) abroad at university, or want a back-up plan to keep them safe while they travel, Walletplus™ gives you the freedom and security you both need.

Ready for your next trip?

Download the app and sign up for Walletplus™ in minutes.